Advantages of Music Education

 Did You Know? Music Makes You Smarter

  • Head and Music NotesMusical learning in young children helps shape and advance their developing minds and improves their ability to learn and reason.
  • Music is a major part of today’s culture in the world.
  • Children develop an understanding, appreciation, and love for music when they have opportunities to experience it.
  • Music enhances how we think, reason, and create.
  • Children who receive musical training performed 34% higher on tests measuring spatial-temporal ability than the others.
  • Studies indicate that music training generates the neural connections used for understanding mathematical concepts.
  • Knowledge of the arts enhances effective communication, and communication is more effective when it draws in the power of arts to convey meaning.
  • Musical training is a noteworthy math teaching tool.
  • Early musical training is believed to enhance a child’s overall mental ability.

Students with tangible goals demonstrate increased motivation and experience a higher level of satisfaction and accomplishment upon reaching them. We know that from early childhood through to retirement years, whether involved in recreational music making or training for a professional career, people who are engaged in music study are happier, healthier, and contribute to society in more meaningful ways.

Music study fosters skills and character traits that go far beyond playing an instrument. Our work with students helps them develop problem solving skills, independent thinking, discipline, commitment, concentration, confidence, and creativity.

Private music lessons provide opportunity for a unique experience and allows students to realize their full potential and transfer their lessons to life.